[ORONIA] Royal Jelly 180 capsules




1. What is Royal Jelly
Royal jelly is a substance of complex chemical structure produced by worker bees from pollen and honey, highly rich in vitamins and nutritive elements, working as hormone, sweet and sour in taste.
Royal jelly contains 18 kinds of proteins, amino acids, 16 vitamins, minerals and 10-HDA. Especially 10-HDA is the special acid growing and converting worker bees into queen bees. Premium quality royal jelly product must contain 10-HDA by 2 % or more.

2. Remarkable effect on Revitaization
Queen bees fed only by royal jelly survive 30 times longer than worker bees, laying 2 -3 million eggs, for which 10-HDA plays important role. The grade of royal jelly products is made by the content of 10-HDA.
Royal jelly has the remarkable effect on recovery, revitalization and nutritive support, and especially 10-HDA helps anti-oxidant and anti-aging mechanism. Royal jelly also contains folic acid which contributes in growth and activation of the cerebrum. Folic acid has been reported to have property of prevention of dementia and deformation.

3. Royal Jelly is Recommended to;

  • the elderly people for anti-aging and prevention of dementia.
  • those who easily lose stamina

4. Keeping & Dosage

  • Royal jelly in natural form is easily turned in the normal temperature. It is better to keep it in fridge.
  • Oronia royal jelly product contains 1.1% of 10-HDA.
  • 1 ~ 2 pills per day after meals

5. Warning
Those who have allergies in bee products or who suffer from asthma is recommended to consult with the doctor before taking royal jelly.