[ORONIA] Rosehip Oil 30ml




1. What is ORONIA Rose Hip Oil?

ORONIA Rose Hip Oil is based on pure natural oil extracted from Rosehip. Rosehip is the pomaceous fruit of the rose, which is particularly plenty of vitamin C, and other vitamins, fatty acids, minerals and antioxidants.

ORONIA Rose Hip Oil is 100 % pure botanical oil blended with pure Rose Oil and Grape Seed Oil for use of skin care purpose.

ORONIA Rose Hip oil contains high portion of vitamin C and vitamin A, D, E and the essential fatty acids including Linolenic & Linoleic acids which are the sources of Omega 3 and 6, Retinol acid, various minerals and antioxidants.
ORONIA Rose Hip Oil contains high portion of Linolenic & Linoleic acids
( Linoleic acid 47% , Linolenic acid 33%) which diminish scars in skin and red spots.
In our skin, the ideal PH range is 4.5~6.5, and PH of ORONIA Rose Hip Oil is in the range (PH 5.1), which makes the oil to be absorbed deep and smoothly, protecting the epidermal tissues of the skin against external stimuli and helping to keep moisture.
And ORONIA Rose Hip Oil helps to prevent wrinkles around the eyes and lips, protect the skin cells against aging and accelerate regeneration of skin tissues after burn or surgery.
When ORONIA Rose Hip Oil is applied first, some effects like itching or tension could be felt, but those are not side effects but a natural procedure of drawing off wastes and are disappeared after 2 – 3 days of use.

2. The Benefits and Effects of ORONIA Rose Hip Oil

  • helps regeneration of skin tissues damaged by burn, scars, eczema.
  • helps to prevent wrinkles by accelerating collagen generation.
  • Strengthens natural self healing mechanism of our skin cells.
  • good for prevention and treatment of pimples.
  • helps to diminish chapped marks after pregnancy


3. Face Massage with ORONIA Rose Hip Oil

  1. Wipe your face after perfect cleansing.
  2. Make your skin prepared for massage by using skin tonic.
  3. Put 4 – 5 drops of ORONIA Rose Hip Oil on the palm and rub it lightly.
  4. Put the oil on forehead, both cheeks, nose and chin using both palms.
  5. Forehead : massage from the center of forehead to both temples, from bottom to top with spiral movement.
  6. Eyes : using the middle fingers and the third fingers, massage eye spots gently pressing the places and slowly move to both temples and smoothly press the places to ease tension of the eyes..
  7. Nose : Lightly massage from the ridge of the nose to both sides and massage the nose top by round movement just a little stronger.
  8. Chin : Massage lightly from the philtrum to the chin by round movement in order to protect wrinkles around the mouth.
  9. Cheeks : Divide the range of cheeks from chin to temples and evenly massage all the parts, by pushing from bottom to top first and by round and spiral movement next.
  10. Use remained oil on the palms on hands and feet.
  11. After massage, softly clean the oils with cotton, and use skin tonic and other skin care essence lotions best suitable to your skin condition.

Pure Organic Rose Hip Oil(Chile)
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