[ORONIA] Krill Oil Omega-3




1. What is Krill Oil ?
Krill Oil is a premium quality Omega-3 source extracted from Krill which inhabit the cold ocean areas of the world, primarily the Antarctic and North Pacific Oceans.
Krill oil, like fish oil, contains omega-3(EPA and DHA), but hooked together in a different form from that of fish oil. The formation of Omega-3 of krill oil is a double chain phospholipid structure which is quite similar to those of the cell walls of humans, which makes Krill Oil much more absorbable and allows for a much easier entrance into the mitochondria and the cellular nucleus.
Krill oil also contains vitamin E, vitamin A, vitamin D and canthaxanthin, which is, like astaxanthin, a potent anti-oxidant. The anti-oxidant potency of krill oil is such that when compared to fish oil in tems of ORAC (Oxygen radical absorptance capacity) values it was found to be 48 times more potent than fish oil.

2. Tremendous Effect on Reducing Cholesterol (LDL) and Improving Blood Circulation
According to the number of studies, Krill Oil is tremendously effective in reducing LDL-cholesterol, raising HDL-cholesterol, and lowering blood sugar. It is also effective in reducing the pain and inflammation from rheumatoid arthritis and aches. It is also shown that krill oil has tremendous benefits in terms of symptom reduction in PMS and dysmenorrhea.

3. ORONIA Krill Oil is recommendable to

  • Those who need to improve blood circulation, lower LDL for prevention of heart related diseases.
  • Those who need to lower blood sugar level.
  • Those who suffer from joint pain and arthritis
  • Those who suffer from the symptom of PMS and dysmenorrhea
  • Younger growing generation

Take 1 softgel daily, As a food supplement.

5. Instruction
If you have allergies or you are under specific physical conditions, consult with your physician before starting to take Krill Oil.