1. What is Evening Primrose Oil
It is a plant oil extracted from evening primrose seeds, consisting of linoleic acid (67.5%), gamma linolenic acid (7.5%) and other fatty acids. Linoleic acid and linolenic acid are classified as the essential fatty acid. Linoleic acid is converted to gamma linolenic acid, compounding prostaglandin.
2. The effect and funtion of evening primrose oil
Gama linolenic acid is made enough in our bodies in normal condition. But when minerals or vitamin B are not enough or in the period of menopause or in menstrual period, gamma linoleic acid is not produced enough, which increase cholesterol or cause dysmenorrhea and premenstrual syndrome.
Female hormone is critical substance for physiological dynamics of women, which is decreased in menstrual period or menopause. In those period prostaglandin plays the role of female hormone, and gamma linoleic acid activates production of prostaglandin.
Intake of enough gamma linoleic acid can prevent or relieve the symptoms mentioned above.
Atopic dermatitis is occurred to the babies, which is relieved or cured naturally, and for that purpose, evening primrose oil has been reported to be helpful. Those who suffer from atopic dermatitis is reported to be deficient in gamma linoleic acid and metabolism is decreased in their bodies.
3. Evening Primrose Oil is recommended for;

  • dysmenorrheal and premenstrual syndrome
  • the period of menopause
  • those who suffer from atopic dermatitis

4. Application & Dosage
2 pills per day, 1 pill after meal by 2 times

5. Note
Evening primrose oil is natural extract without any side effect case reported.
Evening primrose oil is not accumulated in the body.


Medicinal Ingredients – Each Softgel Contains:
Evening Primrose Oil………………………..1000 mg
Containing: Gamma-Linolenic Acid………120 mg
Vitamin E (d-alpha tocopherol)………..1 mg a-TE