1. What is Colostrum
Colostrum is the first milk produced by cows during 48 hours after birth of the calf. Colostrum is different from the normal milk, which is a strong natural immune system enhancer designed so carefully as nature intended it as the first food for new life.
It also contains strong growth factors stimulating muscle, skin and bones.
The immune & groth substances of Bovine Colostrum is stronger than those of human colostrum by 10 ~ 20 times. Bovine Colostrum contains 1,000 times more Globulin G, 3 times more minerals and 5 times more proteins than the normal milk.


2. The functions of ORONIA Colostrum 
Oronia Colostrum Plus contains the highest level of IgG and IgA -the immune and growth factor- among the colostrums products, giving the most strong effects & benefits for human bodies.

  • IgG (Immune Factor) 25%

Strenthening immune sytem and prevention of diseases
The immune substances in Colostrum sanitizes, restraints and kills bacteria, preventing various diseases.

  • prevents cold and flu.
  • Prevents intestine infections
  • Lactoferin in Colostrum prevents gastritis or inflammation of the stomach


Growth boost of children and Youth / increasing stamina for adult
Colostrum’s growth factors accelerate protein synthesis and fat breakdown in the body, so it is to promote children & Youth’s growth. In the case of an adult, colostrum strengthens the muscles and bones, helps in the prevention and treatment of osteoporosis

Anti-aging / Prevention of various lifestyle diseases 
More than 90 kinds of colostrum health factors are working for anti-aging, memory enhancement and muscle strength, and help for controlling cholesterol and diabetes. And it is also helpful to prevention of various lifestyle diseases.


3. Application & Dosage
Take 1 teaspoon 2 times daily mixed in food or water/drinks, or as directed by health professionals.


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